Lattice On Out: One Brilliant Move That Will Make Them Sorry You’re Gone

Sometimes, it’s time to lattice out, then over.

How do you know when it’s time to make that big move?  “10 Signs It May Be Time to Quit,” which was published Oct. 25, 2013, by Hearst Magazines’ Women@Work, sums up the key warning signs pretty well (including my own advice, of course: when you’re being ignored in meetings, you’re invisible, and if you’re invisible, you may as well not be there, soooo….)

But before you go, make sure they’ll be sorry you’re gone. Here’s how.

Offer to mentor a rising star. Today’s bosses are annoyed (generally) by millennials.  They’re so demanding! But all you see is potential! From the safe distance you’ll gain by not being in the same workplace, you can offer a younger worker some valuable insight about your industry and your soon-to-be-former employer.

The best part is, this rising star will rave about how great you are. He or she will tell her friends. And tweet. You’ll have planted behind an internal advocate — invaluable for polishing your reputation retroactively. And if this star is rising as fast as you think it is, today’s menthe will soon become tomorrow’s boss…or client.