Don’t Reinvent. Retread Instead

Reinvention is the biggest misconception about late in life career shifts.

As I point out in this article for AARP’s “Life ReImagined” website, you just don’t have time to abandon everything and everyone you know.

Retread instead. Gain traction by changing your grip.

Here’s one way to find a niche big enough for income and small enough to become a major player, quickly.  What expertise or service would remove the thorn in the side of just one department or function?

Instead of thinking in terms of solving a swath of problems for a whole department, consider a single pain point. So, instead of positioning your encore career as a supply chain consultant, slice the possibilities into you-sized bites: would you rather work on supply chain strategy or become a negotiations coach for supply chain executives?

Your goal is to get to cruising altitude quickly and efficiently. When you believe you have the right angle, offer to lead a committee or research project on that topic for an industry group. You will vet your concept while cementing connections that you just might convert to clients.