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Difficulty: Intermediate


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Joanne Cleaver Joanne Cleaver Author


  • Forever access to the course, including tools, worksheets, videos, and resources. The course is continually updated with new materials, insights and access to information relevant to sustainable self-employment.
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Coaching & Community

  • Forever access to self-guided course
  • Career Lattice monthly newsletter
  • Membership in dedicated Staff to Self-employment Facebook group for networking, discussion and first notice of relevant trends and resources
  • Your choice of a 25-minute phone coaching session or a portfolio critique by course author Joanne Cleaver

Master Community

  •  The course, the community and everything you see to the left
  • PLUS
  •  Additional course modules on practice growth and management, building and leading a virtual team, exit planning, and other topics relevant to sustained self-employment
  • Access to guest presentations by financial advisors and others
  • Membership in dedicated LinkedIn group for ongoing discussion and high-level networking
  • Regular office hours with The Career Lattice author Joanne Cleaver where you can brainstorm trends, opportunities, and roadblocks in real time
  • Enrollment for two individuals, so your business or life partner can join in the discussion and community along with you


Envision the Life You Want Through Sustainable Self-Employment and Make Your First Strategic Decision 

Design Your Steppingstones 

Explore the Hidden Assets of What You Know and Who You Know

Lay Out Your First Three Stepping Stones to Self-Employment

Lay the Fourth Stone and Win Your First Client

Launch Self-employment from the Sixth Steppingstone