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The Career Lattice

Lateral career paths keep individuals employed and companies growing. The Career Lattice is the essential guide to strategic lateral moves, showing through narratives and case studies how individuals and employers grow and thrive in a slow-growth economy.’

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Work the lattice!

Lattice skills propel lifelong career growth and earnings for individuals and equip organizations with the talent they will need to achieve tomorrow’s goals.  Here are the highlights; visit Wilson-Taylor Professional Development Workshops for details.

Career lattice workshops for individuals:

  • Staff to Self-Employment: Use these five proven steps to minimize risk and maximize success when you transition from traditional employment to self-employment. Custom versions for the nearly and newly retired and for parents of young children.
  • Lattice to your Dream Job: You can get there from here, no matter where ‘here’ is. Detect overlooked skills; design wins at every step on the lattice; and position yourself to grab the job you envision.

Career lattice workshops for employers:

  • Leading on the Lattice: Equip managers to lead authentically in a latticed world when they rose up the career ladder.
  • Over and Up: First Moves on the Lattice: The mythology of the ladder is powerful. Break it down and throw it out to equip new and/or young employees with lattice skills that put them in the driver’s seat  to make the most of the training and educational benefits your workplace offers.

Communication workshops:

  • Ghostwriting Decloaked: Whether you are an executive, an expert or a communication staffer, external writers are invaluable for writing everything from blogs to books. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and working with ghostwriters, from two widely published ghostwriters (and yes, you’ve heard of us).
  • Strategic Messaging & Media Training: Deliver on-point messages on the spot, no matter when or where the spot is.  These proven message development techniques and formulas equip executives, experts and spokespeople to rise to any media opportunity, at any time, with the right message for the right audience.

 The Career Lattice is the cornerstone for career strategy. Whether you are in your first job, juggling work and family, segueing to retirement, managing a team, developing talent, or running a big organization, you’ll find insights and useful information in The Career Lattice.

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