Keep Your Telecommuting Deal!

Never go on automatic pilot — especially when you are the only one in the car.

Telecommuting deals are much-coveted for a reason (just ask the Yahoo employees about to start the daily slog into the office): ¬†You can use little breaks throughout the day to get housework and errands accomplished; you don’t have to commute, freeing up two productive hours a day; and you can get a lot done.

But you have to make sure your telecommuting arrangement works just as well for your boss as it does for you.

As outlined in this RetailMeNot article, the single most important factor is — surprise — communication. That’d be communicating with your boss and communicating with your co-workers. We’d all like to think that others notice all the work we shovel, but when you’re sweating it out in the privacy of your home office, they notice the results, not necessarily the effort.

And the effort counts. That’s where we bond with co-workers — over the shared frustration and small daily triumphs. Yes, document your results to your boss. But be sure to share daily with your co-workers, too.